Welcome to our journey of love, living in the face of loss and just plain living. We've experienced the greatest loss a parent can face--the loss our our baby daughter, Sylvia. She flew to Heaven due to complications of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) on 2/26/09. We have two "Earth Angel" children, Will and Stella. They have been a great help on this journey. We live a blessed rich life in spite of our loss. We are lucky to be parents to such special children. They are our life. Welcome to our life!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home from Vacation

We went on vacation last week. We headed north to Andy's parents' lake house in Minnesota. Lots of peace and relaxation there. We had fun on the beach, did a little fishing, made some s'mores, had lots of family quality time. It was a nice time. The weather was crappy one day so we headed up to Itasca--the source of the Mississippi! It was pretty neat! Will even walked across the Mighty Miss! Stella waded in the water with daddy then slept in Gramma's arms. Will slip-slided across the rocks that separate Lake Itasca from the Mississippi. He wanted to do it all by himself, but they were a little slippery for that. Stella and I enjoyed a lunch at Stella's in Battle Lake! It will be an annual tradition--just her and me--our little special thing to do. I'm looking forward to next year when she'll actually be able to eat table food with me! Last year I just found out I was pregnant the night before we headed up to the lake. I went into Stella's for lunch one day and fell in love with the restaurant and the name Stella. I was able to introduce Stel to the owner. The owner really wanted a little girl, but God blessed her with 2 boys so she bought this restaurant and it became her "Stella." A funny thing happened then. She had a baby GIRL after she opened the restaurant! Now that she had her restaurant called Stella's, she named her daughter her second favorite girl name--Isabelle. Now she has a gift shop called "Izzie Bee's" (unsure on the spelling). Stella's sovegnir from the trip is a long sleeved onesie from Stella's (Izzie Bee's actually) that says "Whine Connoisseur." Will's comes from Itasca--a t-shirt that says "I crossed the Mississippi!" Gramma and Papa are working on a Sylvi garden. The deer got the first one they made so they are going to build on an existing flower bed to honor Sylvia. I look forward to seeing it in bloom next summer!
We ended the week by traveling down to the farm to see my parents. It was a short but nice visit. We were able to see a good friend of mine who was home from Arizona. We also met her fiance. We're hoping to travel out to their wedding in April. We also got some play time in with our Whittemore cousins so that was fun.
We've had a great summer, that is for sure! Will is looking forward to beginning pre-school on August 27. I must say that I have mixed feelings. I just hope he's a good boy and people like him. God help the kid that bullies my kids! Hell hath no furry like Mama Beth scorned! For those of you that are my facebook friends, I have some pics of the vacation on my profile. For those of you that aren't, you may have to wait a bit for me to post the pics. I'm a little sick of working with pictures. It took me quite sometime to upload them to facebook last night. Tonight I went to have pictures made. The line was so long that I couldn't get it done before I had to be home for Andy to leave for his softball game. Now I gotta go do it tomorrow:( And I'm working on a picture project at work. Just sick of working with pictures at the moment. Hope all is well with you! It could sure stand to cool down 15-20 degrees here!

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